Jul 28, 2021   |   Tom Barton

Identify and track risky employees | Qush Reveal

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Insider threats are everywhere

Insider threats can come from different parts of your organization or the supply chain. They can emerge from different users, like departing employees, home workers, contractors and business partners, or suppliers. Qush Reveal allows you to identify insiders who put your data at risk, knowingly or unknowingly regardless of which group of users they belong to.

Qush Reveal gives you laser-focus and allows you to define custom groups of users, like exiting employees and home workers and categorize or track those profiles. It provides granular visibility, scrutinizing behaviors, and covering exfiltration patterns. It inspects predefined or custom data types, unstructured data, and data in transit.

Events and trends can be visualized over time with Reveal’s policy reports tool. Reveal’s reporting features also allow evaluating the impact of risky user groups on the organization’s security posture. By narrowing the focus on individual users, it is possible to build and follow an investigation workflow: isolating unsafe or malicious behaviors, and building the storyline of an incident.

The exfiltration extraordinaire

For example, exiting employees can be a huge risk to an organization’s data. Qush Reveal’s intelligent sensors (Reveal’s very own alerts) categorize and score security events, focusing on the riskiest behaviors and identifying breaches quickly. In the case of an exiting employee trying to exfiltrate data, this would show a suspiciously high number of file activities after tendering their resignation. 

By analyzing their most severe policy breaches, we can begin to understand where the risk lies. This case could show a number of sensitive files being copied to an unsanctioned file sharing tool. For each critical event, Reveal provides rich context on the user, system, data, and the environment. This is achieved by intelligently aggregating and triangulating granular data from several sources. This detailed context and breadcrumb trail means investigations are easier and faster.

Qush Reveal

Qush Reveal provides DEEP Human-Centric Data Loss Protection. It allows organizations to Discover risks, Educate employees, Enforce policies, and Prevent data loss. 

Securing your organization starts with securing your people.

Reveal cyber risks. Prevent data loss. With Qush.

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